I have always been involved in the arts in one form or another. Along with being a Jewelry Artist I am a professional Hair Stylist and worked in the Beauty Industry for many years helping people to look better and feel better about themselves.

Working with wire has been a fascinating and rewarding journey. Many years ago when I first saw jewelry made exclusively out of wire there was no formal education available. Determined to learn this beautiful art, I found some videos and books on the subject, not much help but at least a start. After a while I began to perfect my skills. I juried for the Illinois Artisans program and was accepted. Several years later my projects were featured in the Wire Artist Jewelers magazine along with some of my photography.

Wire Art has grown considerably since my humble beginnings. Having my foundation in Wire Wrapping has helped me to become a much more skilled Wire Artist. Some might question the difference between Wire Wrapping and Wire Art. Wire Wrapping is much more rigid in it's designs and wire choices. It has a long and fascinating history. Wire Art is more free flowing and flexible using many different types of wire, techniques and styles. Both are equally beautiful.

I have added another skill to my creative journey... working with metals, sawing, soldering and setting stones in Bezels. I love working in this new medium as well as working with wire.

I enjoy teaching and have written many tutorial for you to learn from. Tutorials for the novice and tutorials for the advanced student. I love sharing all that I've learned through my many experiences and personal education. I hope through my teaching and my tutorials I will be able to help others reach their creative potential. Thanks for visiting my website I hope you have found the experience interesting and enjoyable.


If you have any questions, suggestions or anything that you would like to share with me please contact me at the email addresses below