Angel Earrings

Beginner $3.00

With this tutorial you will learn to make these simple and charming Angel Earrings with Ear Wires. I also give you instructions on a lovely variation. These Earrings are part of my “One Wire Collection”. They are light and easy to wear and can be embellished with any beads or charms you wish. Make a pair to match the new bracelet or necklace you just made they are quick and easy to make. Angels have beautiful symbolism they are thought of as a kind, loving, celestial, benevolent beings. They make a great gift, anyone would love to wear these lovely Angel Earrings made especially for them by you.

You will need 20, 18 and 26 gauge round wire. Half hard and Dead soft. This Tutorial includes Metric measurements as well Inches. No special tools are needed for this design.

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