Basic Bead Ring

Easy/Beginner $1.00

With this tutorial you will learn how to make a Basic Bead Ring. This is one of the first things I learned many years ago when I started out on this wonderful journey of making jewelry with wire. This is a perfect project for the beginning student just starting out. You will learn basic techniques that will build your confidence and skills to go on to more advanced projects. After you learn how to do the basic ring I encourage you to change it around a bit by using different shaped beads, different metals, different wire gauges, by using more than one bead, by circling the wire around the bead either more times or fewer times. This is your challenge to see how many ways you can change the ring by using this basic Bead Ring pattern. This exercise will build your skills and your confidence and help you to learn how to control your wire. I will be giving you basic measurements but it will be up to you to figure out how much wire to add to your starting wire or subtract depending on what size your ring needs to be, or what size or amount of stones you use, or what design idea you have. It is

important that you learn these skills so when you start creating you own designs you will be  able to figure these things out in order to create the end result you envisioned.

You will need one piece of 20 gauge round wire. The gauge of your wire will be stipulated by the size of the hole in the bead you choose. This Tutorial includes Metric measurements as well Inches. No special tools are needed for this design.

So lets have some fun and make some Bead Rings………

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