Classic Cabochon Ring

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With this Tutorial you will learn how to create the Classic Cabochon Ring from square wire. This is a beautiful ring that can be worn by men as well as women.  Just by changing the amount of wire used, the gauge of the wire, and the shape and size of the Cabochon you can create many variations. (The picture with the ring on the guitar was made for a man). This lesson will teach you techniques that you will use in many other designs. It's a must have for all aspiring Wire Artists. Be sure to download the Free Two into One tutorial it will show you another way you can use the skills you learned in making this ring.

Credits: The classic Cabochon ring also known as the Standard Form ring and the Pharaohs ring. This ring and many variations of this design have been done by Wire Jewelry Artists for at least the last 60 years. We have finally discovered that Tom Phelan is the original designer of this amazing ring. Furthermore, in 1947, Tom was clever enough to secure a patent for his design. Helen Goga discovered the US Patent number after examining a very small print in Tom's book Webs of Gold and Silver.

With this design you will be using square half hard or dead soft wire. You may use either soft or half hard it is your choice. You also can use 20 gauge or 21 gauge either gauge will work. You will also need 20 gauge half round wire, all in metal of  your choice. For this lesson I  use an 18x13 Cabochon stone. No special tools are needed for this design. This Tutorial includes Metric measurements as well Inches.


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