Classic Prong Ring

Advanced $10.00

With this tutorial you will learnĀ  how to make a Prong Ring setting for a faceted stone. This is a beautiful ring, when done correctly you will be amazed at how strong the Prongs will hold you stone in the setting. I have guided you through all the steps in detail that will accomplish this I have also given you options different wire gauges stone and shapes. There is also detailed information on how to choose your stone. The credit for this design belongs to Tom Phelan. Many through out the years have used this design but it was never known where it originated. Recently Tom's patient that he got in 1947 was discover.

For this design you will be using 21 or 20 gauge half hard wire and 20 gauge Half Round wire. With a faceted stone of your choice. I recommend while learning to use a CZ because they are cut perfectly and are calibrated. Included in this tutorial is detailed information on Faceted Stones relating to this design. This Tutorial includes Metric measurements as well Inches. No special tools are needed for this tutorial.

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