Crystal Puzzle Wrap

Beginner $6.00

With this tutorial you will learn how to make this lovely and functional Puzzle Wrap for an

undrilled Single Point Crystal. The puzzle wrap is know for the fact that if it is correctly done when you pull on the crystal the setting gets tighter. Firmer heavier wire works best for this the finer softer wire isn’t as sturdy and may not stay as solidly in the setting if pulled too hard. The Crystal can be a variety of sizes and shapes. For the purpose of this tutorial I used a faceted Crystal Point 1 3/8 inches long (3.45cm) and 5/16 inches long (7.5mm) You

can use a variety of different wire types and sizes of round wire. Artistic wire, Sterling Silver

and Gold Filled are just a few examples. The gauge of wire can range between 22 to 26. You

will also learn how to make the very versatile Rabbit Ear Bail. Once you learn this bail you

will have the option of using it whenever you need a bail on one of your creations.

Credits: This a fairly commonly used wrap there are several variations of this wrap and this is mine.  At this time I have no idea where this design originated from. No special tools are needed for this design. This Tutorial includes Metric measurements as well Inches.

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