Egyptian Spiral Bracelet

Intermediate $7.00

The design of the Egyptian Spiral is centuries old. Jewelry Artists use the Spiral to enhance their work in many different creative ways. This lesson will teach you to perfect your spirals, a must for all aspiring Wire Artists. This bracelet is my expression of an old classic design. I have put my own touch on this bracelet by adding a wire embellishment  just above the spirals. One of the wonderful features about this bracelet it its incredible flow and flexibility. It moves like a slinky and is incredibly comfortable to wear. Even though I have called this lesson intermediate I have taught it to beginning students. This tutorial is written with a lot of easy to understand detail so don't be afraid to try it if you are a beginner.

Credits:This is my variation of the Classic Egyptian Spiral Bracelet. Wire Jewelry Artists have used this design for many years. At this time it is not know who first created this design.

For this design you will need either dead soft or half hard round 20 gauge wire in metal of your choice. You will also need 18 gauge Half Round wire in metal of your choice and a small amount of 16 gauge round wire in metal of your choice. This Tutorial includes Metric measurements as well Inches. No special tools are needed for this design.