Jewelers Saw

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This lesson is suited for the advanced beginner or Intermediate student. Whether you already use the Jeweler’s Saw, or are a complete novice, there is much valuable information in this tutorial.  The purpose of this lesson is to teach you one of the many Fabrication Techniques used when working with sheet metal. The focus of this lesson is the Jeweler’s Saw. When you work with sheet metal knowing how to use a Jeweler’s Saw is a skill you must have in order to create your projects. The shapes that are sawed out in this lesson are used as examples and exercises to  demonstrate the different ways in which you can learn and practice these techniques. If you would like to know more about using your saw I have another tutorial offered here on this website that teaches you how to make Jump Rings take a look at the Jump Ring Tutorial.

Along with learning the basic rules of sawing you will learn about choosing the right blade for what you are cutting, you will also learn about sanding your metal, the different grades of sandpaper and about filing the edges of your metal to give it a smooth finished look. You will learn all of this and much more. I hope you enjoy this lesson, learning how to use the Jeweler's Saw will expand your creativity in ways you can't imagine. Please read the lesson all the way through before you begin.

For this tutorial you will need 22 or 20 gauge sheet metal in metal of your choice while you are learning Copper or Brass is advised

You will need a Jeweler’s Saw frame and Saw Blades, some sand paper, metal files and a bench pin .

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