Jump Rings

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It seems that no matter what type of jewelry we design eventually a jump ring will be involved. Jump Rings are probably the most used component to our jewelry designs. This lesson will teach you how to cut jump rings using a jeweler’s saw.

If  you are cutting your jump rings with a flush cutter this lesson will teaching you yet another way to make your own jump rings. Cutting jump rings with a saw will give you the cleanest and most perfect cut of any other method. Your jump rings will close perfectly giving you an almost invisible join. (see above photo)

The Jeweler’s Saw is a tool used by Metalsmiths to cut sheet metal and more. If you need more information on how to use a Jeweler’s Saw I have a tutorial “Fabrication Techniques Jeweler’s Saw”  Jeweler’s Saw Tutorial available here on this webpage that introduces you to the saw and how to use the saw.  It is my purpose in this lesson to take that information one step further and show you a quick and simple way to  cut jump rings using your jeweler’s saw.

In this tutorial I have also included 4 different designs that I created using jump rings. These pieces are very attractive and the bonus is they are simple and easy and work up quickly. I tell you in detail how I created each piece.

You will need some 18ga and 16ga round soft wire in metal of your choice. Beads and  other materials to create the projects in this tutorials.

You will also need a Jeweler’s Saw and Saw Blades, a Bench Vise, and some Dowel Rods

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