Faceted Stone Channel Set Ring Advanced $10.00

With this Tutorial you will learn how to make this beautiful 3 stone Channel Set Ring. You will learn techniques that will teach you how to set faceted stones without prongs. This is an advanced project and some experience working with wire is needed. But having said that there are 52 steps explaining everything in detail. This is a beautiful ring, it is smooth and flowing, there is nothing on this ring that will catch on things, it is very sturdy and comfortable to wear. I have worn mine in all kinds of conditions and not taking it off for months just to see what it can take and it passed every test with flying colors.

You will need 21 gauge, square half hard and some 20 gauge half round wire. The stones I use are CZ’s because they are calibrated and cut perfectly. It will be necessary to follow my exact measurements and stone sizes while learning so that you can be sure that the stones will fit into your setting tightly and securely. This Tutorial includes Metric measurements as well Inches. No special tools are needed for this design.

This design is registered with the US Copyright Office Registration Number is VA 1-773-555


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