Herringbone Twist Bracelet


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With this Tutorial you will learn how to create what I call the Herringbone Twist design in wire. I call it the Herringbone Twist because the design of the wire in the center resembles  Herringbone Tweed. I have incorporated this design in a lovely and versatile Cuff Bracelet. In this lesson I will teach you how to create the patterned wire. You will also learn how to size your bracelet, about power tools, Liver of Sulfur and many other techniques and tool choices that you can use in other project. As you can see this design can be made in almost any metal you choose and embellished in a variety of ways. I’m showing it to you in Sterling Silver and Copper but it can also be done in brass.  Be sure to download the Free Two into One tutorial it will show you another way to use the skills you learned in this tutorial.

For this design you will be using Round and Half Round wire in 16 and 18 gauge, in metal of your choice, and Beads and embellishments of your choice. In depth explanation of tools used in this design are in the Tutorial. Most all of the tools needed are the general tools you use to create jewelry from wire. This Tutorial includes Metric measurements as well Inches.

This design is registered with the US Copyright Office Registration Number is VA 1-773-557



Two into One

This bracelet is done using the Herringbone Twist bracelet tutorial combined with the Classic Cabochon tutorial. This tutorial is Free with the purchase of either of those two tutorials.

This is the Twist Knot Ring designed to be a matching set with the Herringbone Twist Bracelet.  There is a tutorial offered for the Twist Knot Ring also.

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