Job's Tears Rosary

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With this Tutorial you will learn about this amazing plant that is centuries old. The Latin name for this plant is Coix-Lacryma-jobi, the beads and the seeds produced by this plant are one in the same they are probably the oldest beads known dating back to at least 2000BC. I will teach you how to start the plant from seeds, tell you where you can  purchase the seeds, how to harvest the seeds, and prepare the beads for creating jewelry. The instructions in this tutorial are for making a Rosary which is traditionally how the Job’s Tears beads have been used. But as you can see from the photos above you can also use the beads to create other pieces of jewelry. The rings are made from the Bead Ring Tutorial offered here. The Angel Earring Tutorial is also sold here and the tutorial to make the Toggle Clasp that you see on the bracelet is also sold here, it is the 3 Toggle Clasp tutorial. With the instructions in this tutorial you can use any bead of your choice to make the Rosary. I use the Job’s Tears bead in the tutorial but any bead can be used.

You will need several feet of 20 gauge round wire in a metal of your choice. 4mm jump rings or a chain of your choice, a Crucifix and a Scapular. I used Sterling Silver for the Tutorial but it is up to  you what metals you would like to work with. There are no special tools needed to complete the Rosary.


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