Learning & Reviewing the Basics

Beginner $12.00

A simple design well done is far more beautiful than a complicated design done with poor technique.”

This Lesson is about learning the basics of creating jewelry with wire. The ring design that you see pictured here will be a tool that I will use to show  you the practical applications of that information. I will also take  you through the process of developing this design as I give you instructions on how to create it. This is a must have tutorial for anyone starting out working with wire and an important review for those who have knowledge of working with wire but have never been taught the basics.

It is my intention in this lesson to focus on the basics of creating jewelry with wire rather than focusing on a particular design or pattern. I cover a lot of information before I even get to teaching you how to create this ring. I discuss the wire in general, your tools, how to use your tools, square wire as opposed to round wire, how to size rings etc... You will learn about creating rings in general, coiling as it is used in this design, and much, much more. This is a must tutorial for anyone just starting out creating jewelry with wire or those who have been working with wire but never learned the basics properly. As I teach you how to make this ring I will be using the  information that I discussed above showing you how you will be applying this information while creating this ring.  You will also be getting an inside look at the process of developing  this design and writing a tutorial for it.

For the ring design we use round wire in a metal and gauge of your choice. No special tools are needed to make the ring. I get very specific about tools in general in the tutorial.

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