Romance Necklace and Pendant

Advanced $10.00

With this lesson you will learn how to make this lovely pendant. It can be worn with a chain or strung on a necklace. You can make it with or without the pearls on the bottom and you can use any shape stone.

I have also included in this lesson written instructions on how to make the Ear Jackets, shown in the picture above coupled with the Amethyst and Pearl necklace. I also give you examples of different stone shapes, stone sizes and options on the wire used. This is an advanced project so it will be assumed that you have previous knowledge of some of the basic techniques of working with wire.

This is a very old design, most all of the well known Wire Wrappers of that era did this design. In this Tutorial I give you detailed instruction on how to create this design using techniques that took me years to develop. This design is  a direct derivative of the Classic Prong Ring. Any of you who have done that ring will see the similarities immediately.  Since Tom Phelan is credited for the Prong Ring I would have to give credit to Tom for this pendant design since the construction is so like the ring. The only thing that I  have done different to the Pendant is to add the wires at the bottom of the pendant and decorate them with beads or pearls.

For this design you will be using square half hard wire in a metal of your choice, you can use either 21 or 22 gauge. You will also use 24 gauge half hard square wire and 20 gauge Half  Round wire in a metal of your choice and a faceted stone of you choice. This Tutorial includes Metric measurements as well Inches. No special tools are needed for this design.


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