Russian Wedding Ring

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The traditional Russian Wedding ring is centuries  old. It consists of 3 interlocking bands. In Russia the bride and groom wear matching rings worn on their ring finger on their right hands. Widows and Widowers wear the ring on their left hand. This ring is also known as the rolling ring, Trinity ring, Puzzle ring. It is also though of as representing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This ring is traditionally done in 3 different colors of Gold, Yellow, Rose and White. In this tutorial I will be using all Sterling Silver in this tutorial.

This tutorial is written for 12 or 14 gauge Half Round wire but you can use any gauge you want.  But in order to be successful you must use Half Round wire. Some small adjustments in measurements will be necessary for lighter or heaver gauges other than 12 or 14 gauge. Included in this tutorial is a ring sizing chart in millimeters, ring sizes and wire gauges. You will get detailed instruction on how much wire to cut for your rings.

The pre requisites for this tutorial is that you know how to solder and cut your rings with a jewelers saw. I do not give instructions in this tutorial on either of those techniques.. If you would like more information on the jewelers saw please refer to my tutorials on the subject sold here on my website.

Fabrication Technique Jeweler’s Saw

Fabrication Technique Jump Rings

The Wire for this tutorial is 12 or 14 gauge half round wire. The tools for this tutorial are a Jewelers Saw, a Torch for soldering, Flux and Pickle and whatever else you use to solder.

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