Single Spiral Ring

Easy/Beginner $1.00

With this Tutorial you will learn how to make this lovely ring along with learning basic techniques for making rings in general.  This is one of those projects you learn when you are first learning how to work with wire. It is a great ring, attractive and comfortable to wear. You can leave it bright silver or oxidize it. You need little or no experience working with wire to learn how to make this lovely ring. Wear it with the Egyptian Spiral Bracelet it makes a lovely set. 

Credits: I have seen this design done by many Jewelry Artists through out the years. It has it’s roots in ancient history dating back several hundred years. There is a photo of this ring in the British Museum Archives. So I guess you can say it’s timeless.

You will use either 18 or 20 gauge round wire in metal of your choice. It will be a little easier if you are a  beginner to use 20 gauge while learning. This Tutorial includes Metric measurements as well Inches. No special tools are needed for this design.

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