You are purchasing a digital copy of said Tutorials and you are receiving them electronically in PDF format. You are not buying a physical object such as a book or magazine. You are purchasing a license to use these designs to learn how to make jewelry you are not buying the rights to the design. The PDF digital copy you are purchasing is your original copy and resides in your computer. You are allowed to make One printed copy for your use only.

These Tutorials are the intellectual property of Patricia Capotosto, you may use the information to create the jewelry in the Tutorial and to learn techniques on how to make jewelry with wire.

The projects in this Tutorials are for personal use only. You may sell the jewelry made from these Tutorials but they must be made by you and cannot be mass produced by you or by your employees. Please give me credit for the design and where you learned it when selling or showing the jewelry made from these Tutorials.

You cannot duplicate, reproduce, share with others or sell the written instructions or photos in these Tutorials.

You cannot write a Tutorial on any of the designs that are my original designs. Some of my Tutorials will be on classic wire wrapping patterns and commonly seen designs. I will be teaching you how to accomplish these patterns and designs using methods and techniques I learned from years of experience. Although some of these patterns are classic and commonly seen the techniques or instructions on how to accomplish them are written by me. You cannot reproduce the written material or photos in the Tutorials.

If you would like to teach the patterns that are in these Tutorials you must contact me for written permission. If you would like to use these Tutorials in your classroom, you must use them as is and you must purchase a Tutorial per student. I am flexible and willing to work with you on this issue. Contact me to obtain written permission either way.

Thank you for purchasing my Tutorials any feedback is welcome. If you enjoyed the experience please refer me to your friends. If you have any additional questions or concerns please contact me and I will do my best to help you and accommodate you in any way I can.

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