Twist Knot Ring

Advanced $7.00

With this tutorial you will learn how to make the Twist Knot ring featured in the photos above. The instructions for the bracelet is not in this tutorial.  I designed the ring and the bracelet as a set which is why I am showing them together. I have given you detailed instructions in the Tutorial on how to created the patterned wire. I have given you the steps to make this ring as precisely as possible but know that this design will take some previous experience working with wire. One of the things that is interesting about this ring is that everyone's will turn out a little different depending on your personal touch and how you form your knot. I hope you enjoy making and wearing this beautiful ring. It is strong, sturdy and a comfortable ring to wear. I have been told by some men that it is a style that they would be  comfortable wearing also. 

You will use round 18 gauge wire for this ring. This Tutorial includes Metric measurements as well Inches.

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