Valentina Necklace

Advanced $10.00

With this Tutorial you will learn how to make a Faceted Stone Prong Pendant with attached chain. I have designed two loop at the side of the pendant so you can attach a chain of your choice. I do not give instructions on how to make the chain. You may make a chain by attaching jump rings in a pattern of your choice or you may use a purchased chain. I have given you detailed instructions so you may vary your stone size and type and your wire size and type. I created this necklace to be smooth and flowing and without a bail on the top of the pendant. This is a beautiful Necklace that has given me and my clients many years of pleasure I hope it will be the same for you.

For this design you can use either 21 gauge or 20 gauge wire (your choice) The wire is square and can be either soft or half hard (your choice), soft is recommended while learning. You may use a metal of your choice. You will need a Faceted   Stone, I use an 18X13 Faceted CZ for this tutorial. No special tools are needed for this design. This Tutorial includes Metric measurements as well Inches.

This design is registered with the US Copyright Office Registration Number is VA 1-773-560