Waterfall Pendant

Intermediate $7.00

With this tutorial you will learn how to make this lovely pendant. Because of the way I designed the bail it can accommodate a large chain or be put on a collar. This is a versatile design that beginners with some knowledge of working with wire can do. I use a standard 25X18 Cabochon but with very little adjustments it can accommodate almost any size stone. This design came about because of the Fox Tail Chain Malle chain I had just made.( Chain instructions are not included in this Tutorial)  I wanted a very large bail that would accommodate a heave chain or possibly even a collar. I wanted it to have a tailored look, lay flat and be very plain so it would not compete with the chain or the stone...and that is how this design was born..

You will need 21 or 20 gauge square wire it can be dead soft or half hard. If you are first learning dead soft will be a little easier to work with. You will also need some 20 gauge Half Round wire. This Tutorial includes Metric measurements as well Inches. No special tools are needed for this design.


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