Weave Ring

Intermediate $7.00

With this Tutorial you will learn how to make an all wire ring with mixed metals.This is a very attractive and versatile ring that can be worn by Men as well as Women. I have made this ring for couples in a his and hers version, or as friendship rings. Just by changing the gauge of the wire and/or adding or subtracting the amount of wire in the bundle you can change the look of the ring to suit the wearer. The picture of the ring on the guitar was made for a man. The interlocking weaving of the wires symbolizes connecting in togetherness, similar to holding hand with your fingers interlaced. This project takes a small amount of wire an after a little practice you will be able to make this ring in under an hour.This ring has been a favorite with my students as well as with my clients.

CREDITS: The basis of the design of this ring is interlocking the wires at the top of the ring. This particular ring is my variation of that idea. At this time the original designer of that basic idea is unknown. A countless number of variations of this design have been done for many years, therefore it is difficult to know when it was first done or where it came from.

The ring as I have shown it is made in mixed metals Gold Filled and Sterling Silver. Is your choice what metals you choose to use. You can make it in one metal as the Photo of the man’s ring or mixed metals in the other photos. You will need 21 or 20 gauge square half hard or dead soft wire for this ring. Both gauges and tempers will work. You will also need some 20 gauge half round wire. This Tutorial includes Metric measurements as well Inches. No special tools are needed for this design.


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