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Intermediate $7.00

With this lesson you will learn how to make this lovely pendant using the Herringbone Twist patterned wire design. The pendant measures about 1 1/4 inches (3.1 cm)  long and ¾ (1.90 cm) of an inch wide. I will also teach you about twisting your wire with a power tool and hammering techniques to create the Herringbone Twist patterned wire. You will also learn about Annealing even though it is optional to Anneal in order to make this pendant. I have instructed you how to Anneal should you decide to do so. This pendant is flexible in its design and there is plenty of room for you to put your own creative spin on it.

Credits: I created this pendant design in 2010 as part of my Herringbone Twist Series, that includes the Twist Knot Ring and the  Herringbone Twist bracelet. This pendant is a perfect compliment to the set.

Registration Number  VA 1-773-553 US Copyright Office

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